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About Us

It all starts with all natural ingredients and organic growing conditions.

Solsgreen is a multifaceted, highly dynamic OLCC licensed retail cannabis producer located in Southern Oregon. In addition to our commitment to delivering customers high purity and high quality cannabis products, Solsgreen is also a vendor of extraction equipment used for the production of cannabis oils. We acknowledge the best product can only be obtained with the best ingredients, a philosphy driving our commitment to quality products. We only process METRC registered cannabis which has been throughly tested by analytical methods for analytes determined by the State of Oregon.

Solsgreen Cannabis offers organically grown buds, pre-rolled joints, and concentrates for the vaporizer cartridgde market.
Solsgreen Processing offers ethanol extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, distillates, terpene extracts, topical creme, and small scale artisan custom extracts.

In addition to offering high quality cannabis consumer products, Solsgreen Grow eStore offers: Outdoor Commercial Green Houses; Grow Bags; Grow Lights; Cartridge; Filling Machine.

Cannabis Processing Powered by the Sun

From the plants we cultivate under natural lighting conditions, to the concentrates we produce using solar power, the sun plays a central role to our business.

With equal importance to the sun is water, a basic requirement for nearly all life. Our water is locally sourced from a nearby mountain run off.

All our crops are cultivated under pesticide-free conditions. We use all natural, all organic ingredients to ensure our plants are healthy.

From Our Farm, Soil to Oil

Our Products


Processing with non-hydrocarbon solvents to create edible and oil products for the vape cartidges. Using distillation technology to yield 99% pure cannabinoid products.


Oregon grown organic bud from our farm available to consumers in Oregon dispensaries. Pre-rolled joints available in 2017.


Creams, Lotions, Ointments.

Our Strains


Total THC 15.69%

Description from Leafly - Plushberry, a cross between Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen, is an 80% Indica strain bred by TGA seeds. The Black Cherry Soda lends this strain an aromatic berry scent, while the Space Queen genetics promote heavy resin production. Plushberry induce a deep relation in the mind and body, with calming qualities that melt away stress

Northern Berry

Total THC 14.54%

Description from Leafly - Meet Northern Berry (or Northernberry), daughter to the power couple Northern Lights #5 and Blueberry. Her father passes on that signature blueberry aroma underscored by notes of earthy hash. Despite its heavy indica influence, Northern Berry delivers a complex balance of cerebral and body effects best suited for late afternoon or evening consumption.

This Season


40,000 sqft OLCC Licensed Title II Grow

Solpure Concentrates

A line of highly pure and non-hydrocarbon extracts,
concentrates, and rosin. Prefilled vape cartridges.
Terpene isolation. Contract processing available.

Grow Supplies and Extractors

Vendor of exciting array of carbon dioxide based extractors.
Training and installation services offered.

Outdoor Greenhouses
Product Amount Dimensions Price
Solsgreen Green House Model One Single-Span Single Span 30' x 144' $32,500.00
Solsgreen Green House Model Two Multi-Span Multi Span 30' x 144' $32,500.00 per span
LED Grow Lights
Product Amount Dimensions Price
50 pcs 310 x 210 x 65 mm $85.00
50 pcs 283 x 283 x 86 mm $95.00
Grow Bags
Product Amount Dimensions Price
200-500 units contact us contact us
Super Critical Fluid Extractors
Product Amount Dimensions Price
SCFE CO2 Extractor Single Unit With Multiple Configurations 5L + 5L; 10L + 10L; 20L + 20L; 50L + 50L Ask Us